Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Best Tasting Smoked Fish

Lake Huron has always been known for producing great fish. Storage of all that bounty was solved by the Huron Wyandot by smoking and drying. After tasting smoked fish at many fires along the shore, I've found the best tasting . . . Jahrs Fish Company, just outside Unionville, MI, on the eastern shore of Saginaw Bay. Phone: (989) 883-3356.

Jahrs, open seven days a week, is small but complete. Local fisherman supply the shop on a daily basis with freshly caught salmon, white fish, and many others. Each is cleaned and smoked while customers stand waiting, almost drooling in anticipation.

Smoked fish can be eaten without further cooking. Try it in soups or flaked in spreads for sandwiches.

The Independent Food Festival and Awards are founded on a simple concept: Food can be a wonderful part of life. A growing legion of people in the world think of every meal as an opportunity for a great experience. And yet, sometimes it seems like an ever shrinking number of people actually make great food. tasteEverything is dedicated to the idea that the more people share their great experiences, the more likely it is that the people who make great food will prosper and increase in number.

Join me in discovering the best in tastes around the world at the 2006 Independent Food Festival and Awards all this week.

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