Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Faïence Brune

A curious peddler, by the name of ebay, came by the other day with some beautiful plates for sale at an outrageous price. I had several plates that had been broken and patched with lead rivets, and I had my heart set on getting a few more to place on the shelves of my vaisselier (dresser or hutch) to use for guests.

Faience Brune: Rouen Polychrome
Photo from ebay peddler

The plates were the familiar Faïence brune, a Rouen blue-on-white front with a brown glazed back that I'd brought with me from home, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the exorbitant price he was asking.

Faience shard from Alabama Sample 088 FBR Rouen Polychrome 1MB32
Photo from Mobile Archaeology

Some of my cousins down in Mobile threw their plates out when the pieces couldn't be mended anymore. If the peddlers cannot supply us with more reasonably priced wares, we'll have to resort to using Native ceramics or woodware, or hope the next ship's hold has some barrels of dishes among the sugar and rum.

Archaeological information:
Historical Ceramics
Mobile Pottery Shards

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