Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fruits Preserved Entire

mostarda-di-frutta To preserve fruits entirely, one must replace the moisture in the fruit with a solution of sugar syrup or honey. This is accomplished by carefully peeling away the outer skins or rinds [citrus rinds have other preservation techniques, as well] and cooking slowly in several boilings of sugar syrup or honey, and allowing to stand over night in the solution in a non-reactive vessel in a cool place. At the beginning of each day the syrup is drained from the fruit and reboiled and the fruits are again added to the boiling liquid and allowed to cool in the syrup overnight. This is repeated until the fruits have absorbed most of the sugar. The shape and color of the fruit can be ameliorated to some degree by only boiling the syrup and pouring it over the fruit, allowing it to cool without actually boiling in the syrup--this preserves the texture of the fruit and is exemplified by what is known as glacéd fruit; indeed, almost any fruit can be preserved in this manner.

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