Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January & February for the Confectioner

During these two months Sevil-Oranges, those of the Port[uguese], and others, are usually preserv'd Whole, in Quarters, or in Sticks: Pastes, Conserves and Marmelades, are also made of them; and their Peels are candy'd either in Zests, or in Faggots [sticks].

Lemmons, Cedres (citrus medica or citrons) and yellow Citrons (melons), are preserv'd after the same manner; and if the Provisions that were made of other sorts of preserved Fruits are now consum'd, that Defect may be reciprocally supply'd by these; the pleasant Variety of which will be very grateful, and give a great deal of satisfaction.

The court & country cook, faithfully translated out of French into English by J. K. A. J. Churchill, London, 1702, p. 10 New Instructions for Confectioners.

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