Sunday, February 08, 2015

Omelette à la Mariée - Bride's Omelette

Break ten eggs in a bowl and add a little salt, candied orange petals, citrus marmelade, crushed macarons; beat all very well. Make your omelette in the ordinary manner; serve hot, glazed with sugar [sprinkle on powdered sugar, or use regular sugar and broil or use a salamander].

Omelette à la mariée.
Cassez dix oeufs, mettez-y un peu de sel, de la fleur d’orange prâlinée, citron confit, macarons, le tout haché très-fin; faites votre omelette moëlleuse à l’ordinaire; servez chaud; glacez de sucre.

Les Soupers de la Cour
, Menon, Tome IV, 1755, p. 68.


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Sam said...

One of my favourite dishes, my grandmother used to make it for me every Thursday when I went to see her.

Sofa said...

Pleasure lies in the simple things <3

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