Friday, August 06, 2010

Cooking for Geeks

If you've ever wondered how to adjust the taste of something you're cooking to give it the WOW factor or to add what's missing, this book is for you. With the added factor of umami (savory), along with salty, sweet, sour and bitter tastes explained by cuisine/country and ingredients, you're sure to find an explanation of «why» this or that ingredient is or isn't the one to add to mask or enhance your dish. Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter is more a book about cooking than a cookbook - new from O'Reilly Press.

Even though Geeks contains experiments with new ways of food preparation, overclocking your oven and sous vide, the science behind new techniques and centuries' old ones are explained in this book. Case in point, the Maillard reaction--how proteins react with heat and why you would want them to--explains the browning of your bagel, your sausage and even your self-tanning lotions!

Jeff Potter has taken the sting out of the moniker «geek.» Once you're through with his book, you'll proudly claim that title for yourself!

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