Thursday, July 14, 2005

Confiture - Bachelor's Jam

Confiture - Bachelor's Jam

Looking forward to Winter evenings' desserts and after dinner coffee, prepare now by making a confiture of summer fruits otherwise known as "bachelor's jam."

Layer fruits with their weight in sugar into a sealable jar and pour 40 proof (or more) alcohol over the fruit. Marc, eau de vie, armagnac, kirsch are all good alcohols to use. You can continue to add fruits and sugar, but always make sure the alcohol covers all. Seal the jar and set in a dark, cool place; shaking the jar occasionally to help dissolve the sugar.

The melange of fruits and their resulting liqueur can be used over iced creams or custards, or just served in a glass with after dinner coffee.


Laura S. said...

This looks wonderful! I'm going to make some. I know this is an old post but, how long should it be left to sit before using?

Carolyn said...

Six weeks is a good amount of time, but it is somewhat a perpetual process, adding sugar, alcohol and fruit. The color will eventually change, and all of the fruit will appear the same color red. But it is delicious, no matter how old it is.

Laura S. said...

Thank you for your response. It looks and sounds wonderful and I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Love your site btw!

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