Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Lady Taking Tea, Chardin

Tea and tea implements were available and used in the 18thC kitchen in France, and Canada later in the century.

Teapots were both rustic

Detail, The Fast Day Meal, Chardin

and refined

Detail, Lady Taking Tea, Chardin

and special tables were used from which to serve and store tea implements.

Detail, The Butler's Table (Office), Chardin

Street sellers sold tisanes, or herbal tea preparations/purgative mixtures, as tea was considered something you drank for your stomach's sake as opposed to your palate's pleasure earlier in the century.

The Tisane Seller, Françoise DuParc

Toward the end of the century, tea services

Tea Service, Jean Etienne Liotard

and traveling boxes began to appear for use in more affluent homes.

French 18thC traveling Tea and Liqueur Service in a chest, Rau Antiques
French 18thC traveling Tea Chest, Rau Antiques

Segolene has a wonderful series of posts on tea, both its past and present use, and the correct way to prepare it. Do use a translator, if necessary, to enjoy the information she has gathered.

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