Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award …

My thanks to Segolene, of Boire et manger, quelle Histoire!, for nominating me as a Thinking Blogger. The following bloggers have inspired me to do what I do better.

Danno, from Detroit, cooks New Orleans French. His cuisine is exemplified by Louisiane, in southernmost Nouvelle France.

Peter, of à la carte, provides incredible detail and information on traditional French techniques. His boudin blanc is superb!

Kate Hill uses lovely old French kitchenware for recipes both old and new. I feel like I'm in France strolling down the lane to the daily market as I read her blog.

Carole Gillot's Paris Breakfasts paints Parisian dreams for me. I can "have" coffee in the local shops and "buy" macarons from Laduree.

Lucy Vanet's Kitchen Notebook, although a modern blog, looks old-fashioned in its food pictures and inspires me to plate my food in French ways.

Thank you one and all--French cuisine is so much better for your efforts!

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