Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vin d’Orange

5 quarts of wine [can use, white, rosé, or a dry red]
5 Seville oranges [add one lemon, if not Seville]
Zests of your oranges [and lemon]
1 pound sugar
1 quart of brandy or Marc
Vanilla bean, optional

Slice oranges [plus optional lemon] after zesting [do not remove pith] and layer with sugar into a large glass jar with a lid. Gently pour in wine. You may add one vanilla bean, if desired. Dry zests for an hour in a slow oven and add to wine along with a quart of brandy or Marc. Cover and place in a dark cool place and macerate for 40 days or so. Every other day, gently shake or roll jar to help dissolve sugar. After 40 days, remove pulp and peels* and pour through a paper filter into clean bottles and cork and seal. Place again in a dark place. Wine will be ready to drink after 60 days. The longer you can resist opening, the better it will be.

*After my wine has macerated, I cook down removed orange solids with a little more sugar to taste, and make a jam that I use to deglaze the pan when cooking game and poultry.

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