Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mote Spoon & Tea Strainer

A reader's comment about teapot spouts got me to thinking how one could clean tea leaves out of the spout. Voilà! Enter the mote [as in speck] spoon, a pierced bowl, long pointed handled spoon that not only removes stray leaves in the cup of tea, but can also clear a clog of leaves in a narrow spout. It will be replaced by Victorian tea strainers used to pour through and with its own little cup stand to keep a tea table or tray tidy.


Laura S. said...

Hope everything is okay.. haven't heard from you in a while here.

Eric Troy said...

That looks like an accident waiting to happen! Good thing it was replaced. I had been researching tea related implements prior to coming across your post, and I uncovered some more names for the mote spoon, which make it appear as if the sharp end of the spoon may have been used for additional purpose, other than just cleaning a teaspout. For instance, olive spoon and mulberry spoon: Was it used to poke olives or fruits from jars? Come to think of it I could use that now.

I think these may have been make-work uses of the spoon that led to it sometimes being called by these other names, when the intended purpose was to clean tea spouts. Who new there was so much tea lore?

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