Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Omelette au Jambon - Omelette with Ham

Take your eggs with a small spoon of sauce and minced ham [I use turkey ham]; mix and make your omelette; strew with bits of ham, fold and serve on plate with a coulis of minced ham.

Omelette au Jambon.
Mettez dans des oeufs une petite cuillerée coulis avec du jambon cuit haché; battez & faites l’omelette; dressez sur le plat; servez dessus une sauce faites avec coulis bien doux & jambon haché.

Les Soupers de la Cour, Menon, Tome IV, 1755, p. 68.


Findia Group said...

Thanks for sharing,looks good!

yung@foodyoo.com said...

I like all your omelettes series, they look so delicious. Especially the onion omelette, military omelette and the omelette dessert. Guess I need to buy lots of eggs... :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I am sure my kids will love this omelette with Ham. They really like to have eggs in breakfast with bread. I am also learning some unique and easy online cooking recipes for my kids.

Tarin Lindsey said...

This Omelette with Ham recipe looks delicious and nutritious. It is very unique compare to other ham. I am craving for this amazing recipe for healthy eating. I'll definitely try this and share it with my friends. I love also your other beautiful recipes good for healthy lifestyle. Thanks for your interesting idea through this recipes. Your ingredients and step by step methods are also awesome. Nice post indeed. Good job friend!

Unknown said...

Great recipes :) Panna cotta ;)

La Petite Gallery said...

so excited I found your blog. Happy New Year.
I have a delmonico's cook book, from the 1900's.
Found you on the French Basketeer
great blog.

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